Django hits all the right marks

A Ketter grade_edited-1The D may be silent, but Django Unchained is anything but faint.  The film oozes with cool and has all the vintage flare many have come to love from director Quentin Tarantino.  Django hit stores on Tuesday, and rest assured, it’s every bit as satisfying on the small screen.

Django Unchained stars Jaimie Foxx as a freed slave who partners with a German bounty hunter to rescue his wife from an evil plantation owner.  Christoph Waltz plays the German bounty hunter and Leonardo DiCaprio takes a new turn as the villainous plantation owner, Calvin Candie.  Like all Tarantino films, the cast shines.  Waltz even took home the Oscar for his supporting role, his second from a Tarantino film.  The two have a repertoire that’s arguably unmatched in Hollywood.  DiCaprio’s take on a villain is refreshing for an actor who has built a career out of playing likable characters.  But behind every great character, must come a good script.

Tarantino has proven to be an absolute stud when it comes to this department.  Seriously, the man made you care about what the French call a quarter-pounder with cheese.  Once again, Tarantino delivers delicious dialogue that playfully dances around comical and intense.  A concept, that few filmmakers have been able to grasp as effortlessly as Tarantino.  This talent stems from his ability to defy the normal “rules” of genres.

The film drifts between a classic spaghetti western score from Ennio Morricone and songs from rap artists such as Tupac and Rick Ross.  A match that by every standard, doesn’t blend.  But I loved it.  And a climactic shootout to a mash-up of ‘Payback’ by James Brown and ‘Untouchable’ by Tupac, seals the deal.  The soundtrack easily stands as one of the film’s strongest features.

Django Unchained is everything you’ve come to expect from a Tarantino film, and then some.  There really is little to complain about beyond an awful cameo from the director himself.  The man can write and direct like nobody’s business, but I can’t say the same for his acting ability.  And with an Australian accent? Yikes.  But I’m just being nitpicky now.  Django Unchained is fantastic.  Rent it. Buy it. Stream it.   Just watch it.


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